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I am a Business Intelligence Consultant with around 5 years’ experience in the providing quality applications, helping business achieve their top and bottom line results.
I had worked on many successful QlikView and BI implementations, right from the inception through to the deployment. I have experience in working with the business to help them transform loosely conceived, abstract concepts into structured requirements and then model them into a well-designed architecture and a flexible UI. I am comfortable dealing with incomplete requirements and patiently helps users refine them through iterative development cycles. My quick turnaround per iteration saves significant development time, which keeping the project on the right track and on schedule.
Passionate about helping organisations benefit from data analysis and turning data into valuable business intelligence solutions. Amazing ability to interact with end users and translate business language into technical requirements. My varied career has given me a much more rounded view of business and has taught me to be flexible in my approach in order to understand (and suggest) requirements to build useful, functional BI applications. End to end project delivery within deadlines using agile methods.

I had the opportunity to be part of one of the largest Global QlikView program for PwC, focused on Financial reporting via QlikView. Currently working with PwC UK Data Intelligence Team.

I have worked on many projects including stock exchanges, tobacco manufacture, banks, finance, PNL projects, client data analysing.

Project Organization
Agile, TFS, Kanban

Technical University Sofia/ Master’s Degree/ Mathematics and Informatics 2013
Technical University Sofia/ Bachelor’s Degree/ Mathematics and Informatics 2011



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